Topic 1: Addressing Health Risks

Access to health care

Submitted on behalf of Shyla P.

Access to health care plays a vital role in successful employment For people with disabilities. I urge DOL to work with SSA and state Medicaid bureaus to strengthen access to our Medicaid buy in systems. For many of us who rely on these medicaid buy-in programs, they have allowed us to receive Community First Choice or PCA services in our homes and communities. We do need Medicare and Medicaid and private insurance to fund these services at comparable rates and service packages. DOL should work with SSA and other agencies to end asset tests and grace period which often hinder eligibility for services and often limit choices by potential employees to keep healthcare so they can stay in-home and communities.

Thank you for allowing me to comment on your idea scale and I hope you all consider that many good ideas that both employers and advocates have given DOL though this dialogue.


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