Topic 1: Addressing Health Risks


Creating a DOL chat site for folks looking for solutions, resources, and sharing of medical advice/reports. Plus, on-site visits with a job coach prior to or on the first-day would be helpful. Sometimes others have had the same issue and can share their "hits and misses". Some ideas or techniques may fit a situation for one person but not another. One has to be flexible and patient in trying new ideas. Adjustments don't always come easily or as anticipated.

Asking the employer during the interview process what they are willing to tolerate or provide to meet your protection needs is critically important. Honesty in this case is the best policy. They do have to "reasonably" accommodate your needs but making sure you both are on the same page to accomplish that requires in-depth discussion and commitment to the ideas and/or decisions that are reached to create a successful understanding and relationship. Creating a checklist of guidelines is important for both parties--employer and employee. It is helpful to submit a "wish list" of resources, physical space, hygiene, equipment (provided by both parties) to achieve a consistent and healthful work site. Alerts to other employees in the workplace about special needs or restrictions should be communicated and posted. Employees who willfully violate those communications must be subject to penalties and counseling. The latter includes the person who is being accommodated. They have to take responsibility for keeping themselves safe and follow the established protocols i.e. protective gear, medications, sanitizing, etc.


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