Topic 1: Addressing Health Risks

Doing the Research for Each Situation

In the Employment Support Services cluster at Jewish Community Services (JCS) in Baltimore we have continued to support our individuals at work throughout the pandemic. We look at each situation very carefully. We have created over arching policies to cover many situations. But we still have to take different things into account on a case by case basis depending on the individual, their home situation, and their particular work setting. We also are taking into account the health safety of our job coaching staff as well. We contact HR and administration at each individuals work place. We have a list of questions that we ask to find out what the health and safety protocol is in the work place and what PPE they will be providing to staff. We work with the individual and their team and family to determine if everyone feels safe with the individual working in the particular environment. In some cases we have assisted individuals to find specific PPE, masks and/or gloves to suit their needs, if what was provided by the employer was not suitable for the person. Constant communication with all parties involved in key in this ever changing tapestry.


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