Topic 2: Balancing Self-Determination and Health

Employer Disclosure, Return to Physic Work Disclosures, Hazard Pay and Equality of Work.

• Employers need to disclose to their employees with disabilities as well as jobseekers with disabilities about what safety precautions they have taken to address COVID risks in the workplace. These need to include plain language summary and materials not in English.

• Before any return to a physical workspace occurs, employees with disabilities need to be educated on safety best practices and be given adequate workspace to maintain social distance.

• Where possible, employers should provide Hazard Pay to essential workers with disabilities, but such additional pay needs to be matched up with clear benefits planning information in case the worker in questions might go over any benefit associated income limits.

• Equality of work as well as opportunities to show leadership or take the initiative needs to be ensured for workers with disabilities in the context of working from home/remote work/telecommuting. With remote work now an acceptable part of professional life, care needs to be taken to ensure that workers with disabilities have equal opportunities to volunteer for projects, access to the same work as everyone else, or other take the initiative.


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