Topic 3: Addressing Increased Unemployment

Entrepreneurship & Social Enterprises

During this time of COVID-19, many families are re-thinking traditional employment options for their adult children with special needs.

Unicorn Children's Foundation is hosting a virtual conference December 3-5 to promote special needs focused entrepreneurship and social enterprises, and we would like to spread the word to families and individuals within the special needs community. The Creative Workforce Solutions Summit will individuals and families the tools needed to start or grow a business. Successful businesses will share keys to success and needs of special needs focused businesses will be addressed. The Summit will create a community of collaboration and support, while enabling opportunities of creative workforce solutions for individuals with special needs during this unprecedented time. Please see more information about the Creative Workforce Solutions Summit here:

We are also looking for partners interested in selling their handcrafted items on the Uniquely Gifted Boutique©️ Etsy store. The Unicorn Children's Foundation looks to provide the tools and technology resources that will bring together a marketplace of talented artisans, all looking to support the mission of providing opportunities for individuals with special needs. We welcome all entrepreneurs with unique abilities as well as entrepreneurs looking to support our mission. To learn more about the Uniquely Gifted Boutique©️ Etsy store, please see:

For more information please contact Kerri Morse,


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