Topic 2: Balancing Self-Determination and Health

Knowing It's OK to Say No-Self Advocacy

Normally we are encouraging our individuals to work their hardest and try new things. We are their best advocates to get the job that they want to suit their interests. In the last several months some of that has changed. Prior to pandemic we most likely encouraged our individuals to stick with a job through thick and thin. Now we have found ourselves saying it's ok to stop working if it feels too risky. To our individuals that may sound strange. We need to help people to see that sometimes the risk is greater than the reward and there will be another chance later but health and safety is most important.

Now teaching self-advocacy skills is more important than ever. If an individual does not feel safe in the work environment we can help them to take a look at why and decide if there is something their employer can do to help them to feel safe. We can help the individual to ask for whatever that is. By being able to self-advocate the individual gains a great deal of pride and confidence that they will have forever.


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