Topic 2: Balancing Self-Determination and Health

ODEP Should Collect Promising Practices in Remote Work/Telecommuting

• ODEP should work with employers to review, collect and compile best practices or emerging trends when it comes to working from home/remote work/telecommuting. 6 months passed of this pandemic should have given employers enough time to explore and identify promising practices related to managing a successful remote workforce. Further, employees with disabilities who have been lucky enough to be retained and succeed in their work over the course of the pandemic, should have a clear sense of what works best for them in this new virtual context. As such, DOL/ODEP has an opportunity to work with employers to assess and publicize promising practices or other emerging trends when it comes to making telecommuting work for everyone. Perhaps an RFI or RFP might be release to contract with a research analysis firm or other non-profit entity to carry out that research and publicize their findings/results.


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