Topic 3: Addressing Increased Unemployment

Presentation is everything!

When applicants respond to a potential job openings it is important to put one's best foot forward and keep your resume and application specifically directed to the job one is applying for. Carefully read the job description or ad you are responding to. Note the specific words the employer uses. The use of "preferred" or "required" gives important clues to what they need and prefer. Many companies use technology to "screen" their resumes looking for target words, numbers, or skills. When a resume or application scores a certain number of "hits" that resume is forwarded for additional review. Making sure your resume/application is neat, accurate and contains useful information for the advertised job is important. One should tailor them to the specific job opening, not just use a general and all-inclusive response. It takes time and effort but will more likely generate a successful effort to get an interview. As an employment specialist who reviewed many resumes and applications, I saw way too many that were poorly done. Have other people look at it and give their suggestions and comments to towards making it better. Resist putting every job you ever held (if there are many) and only list those that are meaningful or related to the position you are applying for. You can always share more details about your work history in the interview if the employer wants them. If you don't have the specific industry background they are looking for, list the transferable skills, knowledge and experience you have that can be applied to the position. Keep in mind that employers don't expect everything they are asking for and want to have. Finding the perfect applicant is rare so don't be intimidated. Mention any awards or special accolades you have received in present or previous jobs, paid positions or volunteer work. Finally, include the technology skills you have and level of experience and always be honest. Any embellishment or stretching the truth will be detected in the interview and checking references process.


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